Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best gaming experience i had so far..

I started to play LEFT 4 DEAD weeks before and it was the best gaming experience for me..this game even does not require that much high graphics as for Crysis but the texture in the game is wonderful..even with my 256MB graphic card it is perfect but the settings I can't put it to high graphics though..this game can't be played on laptops as normal laptops does not support the minimum requirements of graphics memory for this game..if u buy a laptop with powerful specs(at least 256MB of graphics memory), maybe you are able to play..

It was fun when playing LAN game with others..most of you that are new to this game, I have a solution for activating the LAN play in this game..the steps as folows..

1. Run your Left 4 Dead game.
2. In main menu, go to Options->Keyboard/Mouse->Allow Developer Console , make sure it is "enabled".
3. Then, in main menu, press the ~ button below the Escape button to open the console.

To Create a LAN game:
1. Type sv_lan 1 in your console and press enter.
2. Type map "map name" in your console again without the double quote and press enter.
eg. map l4d_airport01_greenhouse
3. You are already in your game that you host.

To Join the LAN game:
1. Type connect "ip address of host" in your console without the double quote to join.
eg. connect
2. You are already in the LAN game.