Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What a lucky day!

I felt really lucky today..first, i went into a place very hard to enter in terms of high security and critical equipments - The Data Centre! Of coz we can't simply enter, an engineer created a request ticket for me and my colleague Melissa to enter data centre, reason was to troubleshoot library -this is damn funny..haha . We managed to enter with the engineer and insert about 10 LTO 2 tapes in the library, at a point i was shocked when the robotic arm in the library start moving..haha. Secondly, i really saw with my bare eyes 2 rainbows 1 on top another at the same time. That was really wonderful! I've never seen things like this in my life before..fuh! what a day!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Ride customization, Family Day

Hi! guess i'm back from a long absence, have done lots of thing during the period, firstly, the thing i was craving for a long time was to upgrade my car, now its upgraded on a level -tires, rims, tie rods, center rod, ball joints - all these was giving problems for me and now my ride is just smooth and stable when i use it. Thank God. By the way, i'm just back from T-Systems Family Day celebration at Times Square KL. I enjoyed a lot where i'm able to communicate with a lot of high management people freely, most important thing was the free food + free theme park rides + free movie - whoa! first time having this kinda privileges..its damn good..really enjoyed today and thanks to the family day committee as well for maintaining that everything goes well..we did great!