Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Shift work life

I started my shift work that is 12 hours by working night shift on tuesday night - 28/9/10 7pm - 7am. It was a total different experience for me as i'm not used to it, when most people go back from work, i will enter work, but i'm learning to adapt quickly. First day i could work without sleeping, but second day i could feel the tiredness throughout my body until morning until i get some sleep. Phew! its a hectic work, but when i think back, i was thinking how my Dad and Mum suffered while they worked 12 hours like me staying up at night just for the family. Now, I'm gonna take this as a gift from God rather than mere obstacle as God gave me the chance to experience how my parents went through hard times in their life. Again, I strive to be a better person in life after all this sacrifice for a good future ;-)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Facebook Mobile

I was wondering for a long time to use the facebook mobile with my phone, now i've got the idea to surf using the url For Malaysians who use Digi as their telecommunications provider, they can enjoy free facebook mobile without any data charges using that url. Nice that i can update my status anywhere, anytime. The free data charges applies when you are surfing without viewing the photos, if you want to view photos and other extra stuff that is not visible as default, standard data charges may apply, the charges also apply when you leave facebook and go to other mobile site. Fair enough!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

1st Car Service

I went for the so called "1st Free car service" by Proton today to service my new car. Obviously it reached 1000km so fast. Well, thinking that its gonna be free, i went with the money i have and registered at the service centre. But unfortunately the guy who is attending me said the free service means "free labour charge". Damn! this made me go back to take my car and withdraw some extra money. It costed me RM155.50 for the parts like engine oil, oil filter, fuel treatment fluid, screen wash fluid and so on. Haiz! i need to spent this amount of money for another 2 time for 5000km and 10000km service.