Saturday, December 26, 2009

My Christmas present = wishlist fullfilled

Just the day before christmas, 24th dec, was the wonderful day for me, ptptn money entered after so long, and finally i managed to get my new system after so long of online research and price surveying..Now, I am running on my new system, consists of AMD Athlon II X4 630 processor -AM3 socket (refer my previous blog post), 2GB Corsair Gaming High Performance RAM, Cooler Master Elite 334 casing, Vantec Ion2+ 620W PSU unit and ECS GF8200A Black Edition Motherboard. All this combined with my current HDD (80GB Samsung SATA, 320GB WD SATA), LG DVD ROM 20X SATA, Acer X203H 20 inch LCD and lastly my powerful Galaxy Nvidia GeForce 9800GT graphics card. Its more appealing than my old system and i'm happy to multitask with it without any performance lack or lag issues!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

AMD™ latest AM3 socket processor technology

There's one thing i found out about AMD processors, now it has the newest socket AM3 version which is for me on par with the Intel Core i7 family, because both the processors support the latest DDR3 RAM versions. But the main thing AMD has achieved is their newest AM3 socket processors that is 'backward compatible'. This means you can install the latest processor on a older AM2+ motherboards. This gives cost savings for users where they can only upgrade their processor and remain with their AM2+ motherboards. Adding the accomplishment, the AM3 processors have an intergrated memory controller which support DDR2 RAMs and also DDR3 RAMs. So you can run the AM3 processor on a AM2+ motherboard with DDR2 RAMs or on a AM3 motherboard with DDR3 RAMs.

AMD has also come up with the Athlon II versions that are same in all aspects as the Phenom II versions. It is also using the AM3 socket and supports the newest DDR3 RAMs. The only difference between them is the L3 cache. Phenom II versions have an extra cache level that is the L3 cache while the Athlon II versions do not. But based on a lot of tech reviews, i found out that L3 cache is not neccessarily important while number of cores matter for processing power. So for budget buyers, the Athlon II is the perfect processor to choose because even the quad-core AMD Athlon II X4 price is less than the Phenom II X3 and X4 versions. Way to go AMD™ !

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Virus removed!

Hello readers, for past one week, my pendrive has been infected with a virus that is typically annoying. Basically once I plug in my pendrive to my PC, it automatically opens it without asking me whether what action to take. It has a file with "autorun.inf" file in it that canot be deleted because it is being used by OS once I plug it in. I enabled "Show hidden files" (My computer>Tools>Folder Options>Show hidden files) and unchecked the "Hide protected system files" box. I saw another file named "temp" with a recycle bin icon for it and it contains a file named "winsetup.exe" in it. The "winsetup.exe" file is the main file executed once I plug in my pendrive.

Steps I took to remove the virus but not successful:
1. Cleared my pendrive(removed or backup all my important files in it to other location) and formated my pendrive (right click on pendrive in my computer and choose format>Quick format).

The autorun.inf file is removed but when I plug in again, the file reappears inside my pendrive.
-Solution not succesful.

2. Scanned with antivirus and anti-malware software. The anti-virus and anti-malware software did not detect any viruses.

-Solution not succesful.

3. Deleted winsetup.exe from registry using regedit (Start>run>type regedit and press enter>edit>find>type winsetup.exe>after search, delete the found value that contains that file).
After that go in pendrive and delete the virus files (autorun.inf, temp including winsetup.exe).

The file appears again after replug-in the pendrive. -Solution not successful

4. Used Unlocker(can be downloaded from software to unlock the autorun.inf file from windows processes. After that deleted autorun.inf in the pendrive.

The file appears again after replug-in my pendrive -Solution not successful.

All this solutions did not work out maybe because I suspect the virus infected my pc already.

The solution that work out at last:

1. I downloaded Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from
2. Install and update the software.
3. Restarted my computer and entered Safe Mode.
4. Plug in the pendrive.
5. Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware software and run quick scan.
6. The software detected two trojans in my C drive. (Maybe this infected files is the cause for my pendrive to be infected again and again everytime i plug in.)
7. Removed the infected files through Malwarebytes.
8. Malwarebytes required me to restart the system to delete one of the virus.
9. I deleted the virus files in my pendrive (autorun.inf, winsetup.exe). Note: you can even format your pendrive as an alternative.
10. Restarted the system.
11. Entered windows normally and found no virus files in my pendrive.
12. Replugged-in my pendrive and the virus files does not appear again.

-Solution successful.

I hope those who having this virus problem will find my solution helpful, though I can't guarantee the outcome to you as it worked out for me not tried not other machines.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Happy Diwali 2009

Happy Diwali to my family and all my friends. May the Almighty bless us with his good will throughout coming years. Above is my art for this coming diwali 2009. Done using Adobe Photoshop CS3.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Confusions in time that work out at last...

Hi guys, i'm back and its kinda complicated to describe my life after my training. Shit happens sometimes. But so far its industrial training results is out = PASS :) then after that i was stuck about 1 week in uniten thinking of perfect title for my FYP. Its damn complicating where i need to think whether if i choose a wonderful title for my Project 1(which is documentations only), do i capable of doing the actual project based on that title in Project 2 next sem (implementation -doing the actual thing). This question keeps popping out of my mind then it was near the deadline where i need to propose or choose a topic for my FYP. Then this 3D modeling thing kept bugging me...maybe i can try proposing that for my project? It appears to be damn hard but i thought why don't i give it a shot? Then i proposed a topic under 3D modeling and i'm going to model a 3D model of Lamborghini Murcielago. -Its damn choice..came up with a very fast title and hope i can do it. :) Wish me luck..hope to succeed in this!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

3 months of experience

Hi everyone, for readers of my blog, sorry for the long absence because of this -3 months thing. 3 months of internship i mean. I got a offer from Ablenet Systems Sdn. Bhd. and did my internship based on their ever hectic on-site projects. My first day of work started at Ablenet Systems Perak branch office at Ipoh. Got a wonderful supervisor who is also the branch manager, Mr.Giggs..had a lot of hillarious and also hectic moments with him at work..haha..can't forget it. But the hecticness started when i was just 2 days at Ipoh office and HQ Group Senior Manager, Mr. Sam called me for a project in KL. So i went. He and Business manager, Mr. Jeffrey briefed me - I am suppose to be outsourced to Maxis Communications Berhad at Plaza Sentral, KL to join a team there as Desktop Engineer under Getronics Solutions. I did the job for about 1 and half months of troubleshooting and other IT related tasks there. My most experience was at Maxis where I learned from my sifu, Mr. Kugan and Mr. Kumar when handling a lot of cases. After that Getronics contract ended at Maxis where IBM is their new IT support contractor. Damn, and i have to leave. But luckily Ablenet keep getting projects..haha. After that I went to Ipoh branch to continue my intership there first before ending up on a massive project again. The project I mean was Prudential Assurance Berhad nationwide deployment project..they had a training for all the engineers from 13 states that are involved and i was one of them for Perak region. Training for 2 days at Prudential HQ at KL and went back to Ipoh to handle the deployment. Pheww! it was tiring where i have to handle 4 branches in Perak for a total of 16 PCs to be deployed. Luckily i done all in time with help of 2 champion sifu with by side -Mr. Giggs and Mr. Syed..learned a lot through a lot of problems with the deployed softwares. Now, i'm done with my presentation and report hand over and waiting for intership results. Hope i get a good one. Next, final year and project 1!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Best gaming experience i had so far..

I started to play LEFT 4 DEAD weeks before and it was the best gaming experience for me..this game even does not require that much high graphics as for Crysis but the texture in the game is wonderful..even with my 256MB graphic card it is perfect but the settings I can't put it to high graphics though..this game can't be played on laptops as normal laptops does not support the minimum requirements of graphics memory for this game..if u buy a laptop with powerful specs(at least 256MB of graphics memory), maybe you are able to play..

It was fun when playing LAN game with others..most of you that are new to this game, I have a solution for activating the LAN play in this game..the steps as folows..

1. Run your Left 4 Dead game.
2. In main menu, go to Options->Keyboard/Mouse->Allow Developer Console , make sure it is "enabled".
3. Then, in main menu, press the ~ button below the Escape button to open the console.

To Create a LAN game:
1. Type sv_lan 1 in your console and press enter.
2. Type map "map name" in your console again without the double quote and press enter.
eg. map l4d_airport01_greenhouse
3. You are already in your game that you host.

To Join the LAN game:
1. Type connect "ip address of host" in your console without the double quote to join.
eg. connect
2. You are already in the LAN game.