Thursday, December 30, 2010


Now that Christmas has just ended, new year awaits, one day more to celebrate the new year 2011. Well, many things have happened this year, most of it are my wishes that came true. First of all, I managed to grad, get a job, get a new car. It is really wonderful to have all in one year itself very fast. Things in life have changed, my expectations, my goals, my daily routine, now it is not like typical student life, but more to a busy life but yet an enjoying one.

Sometimes i get too bored, since i have 4 days off due to current work routine and time, i hope life would be better and I would seriously want to meet someone better in life that can change this to a wonderful life - this can be my new year resolution :D

I'm getting more open in thinking, 2010 has showed me a lot of lessons, most of it for the good, some are bad incidents like my car accident, i miss my datsun but it is meant to be like this. I plan to just move on as i know more opportunities and reward awaits me in 2011.

The one thing that made me going all this while in 2010 is confidence. Things that never seem to be easy to be done or achieved made possible by me because of my mere confidence that nothing is impossible.

Another great thing to see in 2010 was Malaysia my country i was born won a quite high soccer competition in history after last in 1989 and now its at 2010 end. Its the winning of Asian Football Federation Suzuki Cup 2010 after beating Indonesia 4-2 in a fan-packed tournament in history.

I personally looking for a great 2011 ahead and its Rabbit year according to Chinese calendar so we'll hope for a fast paced year i guess ;)

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dream 25 December 2010

I've been getting weird dreams lately, some of them are very interesting, some of them even scary, i think every dream has a message, well just hours ago i dreamt a "nightmare" where a couple of people including me when for a "vacation" like trip and went to a one isolated hospital to visit the area. What happened was, we saw a doctor, he said there is a closed room just nearby in the hospital itself that is haunted by at least 4 ghosts. He also added that the ghosts will start to "attack" if the public tend to open the door of the room and do some insulting stuff. After meeting the doctor, we all went out of the doctor's room and was looking around the "haunted room" and suddenly a bunch of people from our trip straight away opened the door and did some insulting stuff like screaming and yelling to see what happens. That moment was like the disaster moment for me as i can't do anything to prevent them. After they did that, they just closed the door and ran away. Apparently, me and my close friend was trapped where the haunted room is at our way out. All others that caused the trouble managed to run away. Then when we both try to run away also, but the actual problem started. The haunted room's door opened slowly without anybody around with the scary squeaking sound. I and my friend could not do anything as we expected the outcome as the doctor told us. We both managed to hide behind a wall where it is blocking vision so that anything that comes from the haunted room could not see us. We both just lied down on the floor and just prayed with our eyes closed so that anything bad won't happen. Suddenly, I felt some force came and hold my body that I can't even move. It made me to open my eyes and see what is happening in front of me even I don't want to. When I opened my eyes, I saw a lady ghost came slowly towards me and started to talk to me. I was scared that I could not even open my mouth to talk. That ghost actually told me one thing - "Tell your friends out there, we do not disturb your life if you don't disturb our life." I was like "Okay, okay..I'll inform them." . The ghost message was quite stern as it really meant what it was saying to me. After that my friend got "interviewed" by the ghost, I don't know what the ghost asked him, but still remember what it told me. After a while everything went back to normal as the ghost flew away back to its place and we both straight away went out of the hospital. To our suprise, all the others in the trip including the one disturbed the ghost looking at me as if nothing has happened. I only remember the place was a hospital and it was surrounded my forest like jungle.

I can remember this much as there was not much after that. But one thing I need to tell you guys - "Ghost don't disturb your life if you don't disturb them." as the ghost said in my dream.

More posts to come :)