Monday, May 6, 2013

GE13 swing

Its the 13th general elections as we all know in Malaysia.

Few of my opinions about it:

1. More seats won by the so called "Opposition" parties compared to the last 2008 elections.
2. Previous ruling government came into power again with slight margin.
3. People were not clear about the results as mainstream medias only showed results comprising one political party's victory on seats contested.
4. Results were too slow ( Not sure made up or really counting took time)
5. It looked like a major foul played when out of the sudden a political party was announced victorious with minimum majority number of seats reached suddenly after a blackout came back normal.
6. People looking at online results were not confident of sudden surge of seats obtained by the victorious party in certain states where the victory should be otherwise falling to the opponent party.

Whatever fouls or tricks being played, now every single citizen are smart and the whole world knows because the power of internet. People are no more depending on the mainstream medias controlled by the Government for information as it is too bias to one side. Things might happen or might not happen, lets just be calm and go with the flow for now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Easy life vs hard life

Today, I wonder about my current life, it is easy to the sense that its kind of settled down, but hard in the sense that there is a lot more things to do and achieve.

If you ask me to choose, I would prefer a hard life, because this kind of life is a shortcut for us to achieve different phases in life. When you have a hard life, you tend to realize the value of things because you have work hard / sacrificed for it. Hard life is a teacher for you to learn the value of money, happiness, respect and many more. When you go through a hard life, you will be happy to see a miracle, even though it is a very simple one. You will enjoy surprises more than those who have an easy life. When you have a hard life, you tend to be positive when something bad happens meanwhile it will be like a disaster for those with an easy life. Having a hard life makes you complain less, because we face hardship more often and know it can be adapt and solved. It makes you gain experience more faster than those who having an easy life, by facing hardships more often. You tend to think maturely faster than them. You grow much stronger then easy life people because they don't get the opportunity to face obstacles as you do. You will appreciate people's kindness and care more often and value it more.We get to cherish the experience in life that we get that some don't. Usually when we are in our hard life, we tend to understand it, but other's might not. They might tend to take it differently and misjudge you. They might not know what is going on in your life.

So for those who have a hard life, remember, I'm one of you, and you are a strong person. Keep working hard and being positive, you will get a better life soon, and if you do not, don't give up, because you know you get the reward everyday with small simple miracles that make you happy, because, you have learned to treasure every simple thing in life :)

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Upgrading to Windows 8

Hello everyone,

Recently I was wondering about Windows 8 upgrade because currently I am using Windows 7.
I am sure most of you wondering about compatibility issues that will rise if you choose to upgrade to this new version of Windows.

Well, no worries, the is a program called Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that will assist to check your system on its compatibility with Windows 8 before or even without upgrading to Windows 8 yet.

I've tried it and found out some apps needs some fixing or updates if i choose to upgrade the Windows.
Below are the screenshots that will help you to see how this program works.

Download the program here:
Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

1. After download, double click it and run the application.

2. Once it runs, it will scan and show how many devices / apps that is compatible and not compatible.

3. You can click at 'See compatibility details' to see which app / devices are not compatible or needs update to run on Windows 8.

4. You can close this window and if you click next, it will go to another page to suggest you which Windows 8 should you use with your preference of settings and files that you choose as below:

So you can choose to order straight or buy the Operating System yourself to upgrade your current Windows.
Hope this gives some information before you choose to upgrade to Windows 8 :)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Extend iPhone battery life

Here are 14 tips to help you extend your iPhone battery life. 

 1. Turn on Auto-Brightness 
 The iPhone has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the screen based on the light around it (darker in dark places, brighter when there's more ambient light) to both save battery and make it easier to see. Turn Auto-Brightness on and you’ll save battery because your screen will need to use less power in dark places.
 Find it in the Settings app -> Brightness & Wallpaper -> Auto-Brightness On

 2. Reduce Screen Brightness 
 You can control the default brightness of your iPhone screen with this slider. Needless to say, the brighter the default setting for the screen, the more battery it requires. Keep the screen dimmer to conserve more of your battery.
 Find it in Settings -> Brightness & Wallpaper

 3. Turn Bluetooth Off 
 Bluetooth wireless networking is especially useful for cell phone users with wireless headsets or earpieces. But transmitting data wirelessly takes battery and leaving Bluetooth on to accept incoming data at all times requires even more juice. Turn off Bluetooth except when you’re using it to squeeze more juice from your battery.
 Find it in Settings -> Bluetooth -> Move Slider to Off

 4. Turn Off 3G/4G 
 The iPhone 3G and later models can take advantage the speedy 3G and 4G LTE cellular phone networks. Not surprisingly, using 3G, and especially 4G LTE, requires more battery life to get the quicker data speeds and higher-quality calls. It’s tough to go slower, but if you need more battery, turn off 3G or LTE and just use the older, slower networks. Your battery will last longer (though you’ll need it when you’re downloading websites more slowly!).
 Find it in Settings -> General -> Cellular -> Slide Enable 3G to Off on some models or Enable LTE to Off on the iPhone 5 or newer

 5. Keep Wi-Fi Off 
 The other kind of high-speed network that the iPhone can connect to is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi is even faster than 3G, though it’s only available where there’s a hotspot (not virtually everywhere like 3G). Keeping Wi-Fi turned on at all times in hopes that an open hotspot will appear is a sure way to drain your battery life. So, unless you’re using it right this second, keep Wi-Fi turned off.
 Find it in Settings -> WiFi -> Slide to Off

 6. Turn Off Location Services
 One of the coolest features of the iPhone is its built-in GPS. This allows your phone to know where you are and give you exact driving directions, give that information to apps that help you find restaurants, and more. But, like any service that sends data over a network, it needs battery power to work. If you’re not using Location Services, and don’t plan to right away, turn them off and save some power.
 Find it in Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services -> Slide to Off

7. Turn Data Push Off 
 The iPhone can be set to automatically suck email and other data down to it or, for some kinds of accounts, have data pushed out to it whenever new data becomes available. You’re probably realized by now that accessing wireless networks costs you battery life, so turning data push off, and thus reducing the number of times your phone connects to the network, will extend your battery’s life. With push off, you’ll need to set your email to check periodically or do it manually (see the next tip for more on this).
 Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Slide to Off

8. Fetch Email Less Often 
 The less often your phone accesses a network, the less battery it uses. Save battery life by setting your phone to check your email accounts less often. Try checking every hour or, if you’re really serious about saving battery, manually. Manual checks means you’ll never have email waiting for you on your phone, but you’ll also stave off the red battery icon.
 Find it in Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendar -> Fetch New Data -> Select Your Preference

9. Auto-Lock Sooner 
You can set your iPhone to automatically go to sleep – a feature known as Auto-Lock - after a certain amount of time. The sooner it sleeps, the less power is used to run the screen or other services. Try setting Auto-Lock to 1 or 2 minutes. Find it in Settings -> General -> Auto-Lock -> Tap your Preference 10. Turn off Equalizer The iPod app on the iPhone has an Equalizer feature that can adjust music to increase bass, decrease treble, etc. Because these adjustments are made on the fly, they require extra battery. Turn the equalizer off to conserve battery. This means you'll have a slightly modified listening experience - the battery savings might not be worht it to true audiophiles - but for those hoarding battery power, it's a good deal.
 Find it in Settings -> Music -> EQ -> Tap off