Saturday, December 20, 2008

Happy Birthday my hero!

So far till now, I have only Dr. Mahathir in mind when talking about Malaysia. He did the most improvement to the country in all aspects (Economic, World Recognition, generating revenue through tourism). Today, December 20th 2008, he is celebrating his 83rd birthday..and I am very proud of his contribution to the country..well done Dr. M! and Happy 83rd Birthday !

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Confusion @.@

My biggest confusion this week was between Eva Mendes and Priyanka Chopra..haha..of course they look gorgeous and lovely @.@ but i was confused a while when they two look almost alike..don't you think so?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My special art for this diwali...

After hours of practice with my Adobe Photoshop CS3 with all kind of images and effects..finally i came out with this image..a nice one for this coming diwali...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Uniten RoboGamez 2008

As a volunteer for this event, I am getting a lot of experience on how to handle big events...fortunately, i joined the Multimedia Team of RoboGamez 2008. At first we were given a task to do the trailer for promoting the event..and we did it. Recently, we have also done the teaser trailer for next year's robogames that is RoboGamez 2009. Check out the video below!

Promo trailer:

Me in the event...

Say cheese! while i'm trying to on a laptop~

We are the early birds, setting up the maze...

From left to right: Me and Lukesh trying out how it feels to be a VIP...

Some snapshots...

Check out the robot...

The judges...

Smile are on candid camera!

Alang, one of our multimedia team member...

The prizes..yummy~

Top view of the mazes...

Speech before final event...

Database mid-term

What a miracle! damn! it was like damn hectic till i only studied 1 chapter for my mid-term today morning and just finished another 3 chapters by evening, that one also not so good~ last minute cramping..the exam was at 5.30pm and i was like..."What the hell? Its gona be a disaster again like what i did for SE mid-term..". Then, i went to COIT (College of Information Technology) and slowly took the exam paper that was on the my surprise, it was only 1 sheet of paper full of questions front and back..and i just knew how to do it..easy compared to other subjects..hope to get good grades for that! phew! Another excitement is the wave of mid-terms has come to an end. But there is still final exam...gotta prepare for it dude!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Exam, OS problem, Mines, Max, Dinner, Format my Comp, Games!

At last, after weeks of studying and exams and quizzes, i finally get to continue my FIFA08 with much pleasure~kekeke~ but the bad thing is, a problematic windows xp disc gave me headache when my computer's OS can't be repaired using that CD. Shit! and I have to rush all the way to Mines Shopping Centre to get a new one. What a coincidence was, I saw the famous Max Lum there shopping for his everlasting testing of new games~. He bought a new game to test but i don't know what's the name of the game. It resulted me going for dinner with him~ as usual at South City Plaza. When i got back, my OS repairing just loaded 1 minute and i got fed up with it. So i reformated my comp..lalala..thats the only way but i lost a lot of my game's save files and i have to start all over again. Then, my comp is quite fast in performance wise and of course and get myself some gaming adventure. But as i said many times, it is not over yet~ hua hua hua..i still have 2 more exams to go...arrgh..

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Money is undeniably the most important factor to live nowadays..and i don't like come everything that we do must involve money? even for food? i mean for people to live we need food and for that we need money? is it appropriate? i understand the current situations such as the petrol price hike and so on..i don't argue much about that but at least for food, i really think they should not increase the priceof food...and i can "see" it increasing day by day...there is something wrong with the distribution of government's money to people nowadays and those politicians must stop arguing, talking or fighting with each other and i would like to see some sincere action in this please...less talk, more matter from what party you are from or what religion you are from, i just don't care but do your job as given...

Nowadays when i fill up petrol for my car its just 3.71 liters of petrol for the frequency of me filling it up is increasing...even though i use my car very I'm experiencing shortage of money every week whenever something out of my budget need to be done...

As i said..

As i said in my previous post.."It is not over yet.." i got to do another 3 assignments for now..2 of it due 2moro n day after plus 1 more at thursday..wat to do..i have to face the fact..its now or never..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Too many stuff to be done~

It was long since i experienced this kind of "torture". By the way, its happening now and i think its only the beginning..oh was just last week that i was stormed into groups to do 2 assignment of Database systems straight and its done today. It was not over just there~..since i got 1 assignment from OS concepts, 1 from Fundamentals of SE and another Database systems assignment just by today itself..imagine that..just by today man - in 1 day 3 stuff stormed in for me to do...and another headache is my OS concepts quiz that is tomorrow...consists of 2 chapters sumore...i need to study those 2 chapters by tonight for tomorrow's quiz..phew! Besides all of this i am glad to do something out of my studies that is creating a trailer for Uniten Robogamez 2008...need to submit a sample by next monday..haiz..but nevermind because i like to do stuffs like this..not tones of assignment and project suddenly~...oh man..maybe the college management need to consider some arrangement of assignment and project to be given to students to a proper know why! if not its all messed up!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Oh dude!

It was just "OK" all this while until the day before yesterday that my cd drive got spoiled..I do not know how or why it happened but my cd drive can't read nor write any CDs anymore..damn! its another problem for me to take out money for this...near 100 bucks for one. I'm deciding to buy a DVD drive instead of the old CD drive that i used..i was thinking last time that i want to upgrade it to a DVD drive but didn't coz the CD drive was still its spoiled and i "must" replace other choice dude!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Forbidden Kingdom..

The recent movie i watched was The Forbidden Kingdom and, it was, awesome! I really mean it...the credits should go to the Director of this movie that is Rob Minkoff..he has done an extremely wonderful job in this movie I guess. At first before i watch this movie i thought this will be the same kind of kung fu movie created those days when i was small but it was absolutely fantastic. The amount of graphics the used to make the weapons fly and so on is perfect to make this movie a success. By the way, it is the first time i saw a non-chinese boy able to act in such a movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li with good skills of kung fu. Anyone out there i recommend you all to watch this movie because it has a nice story and able to catch the audience's attention i suppose..See to find out..

The Crew...

Some of the scenes...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Extraodinary ways to drift...proven by me...

Remember that this method won't damage your tyre unless you do it on a sunny day...


1. Raining day or rain had stopped and the
road still wet.(no need chg to tayar

2. Load ur ride or car wif a lot of things
(the heavier the better)(Inersia is the
main key to drift).

3. Able to respond to diff car movement.

1st- take a sharp corner when road
still wet, turn into the corner
immediately(turn suddenly).

2nd- The car will loose control easily.

3rd- when car goin to spin, don let it by turnin the opposite
way(make ur car sway left n right)

I just tried this at a 360 degree corner heading to Uniten from Lebuhraya Damansara-Puchong (LDP) and it worked out (actually i entered that corner at 5th gear(forgot to change to low gear before turning)-thats why it skidded)...remember first!
If u r not sure don't do it..
Good luck! hope u ppl get some tips that
seldom ppl give...

Saturday, May 10, 2008

When did i start?

Well....when did i start? The first thought thats goin on ur mind will be "What did he start?" i right?..haha..should be..actually what i'm gonna tell now is when did i start to think about DRIFT?...well..the story goes like this...

It was near the middle of my Form 5 life near the mid-term of my schooling year that time..around June when me n my bro got our car driving license..hmm..should be "hurray!"...then the climax loving dad bought a second-hand Daihatsu Charade for my bro just after we got the license..whoa! thats wonderful...not yet drive got car already so fast..and of course my bro a.k.a Arul was happy...and thoughts was going in my mind..."When do i get mine?"...then suddenly my dad again bought a second-hand Nissan Sunny 130Y but the engine is powered by electronic ignition..whoa! from that moment i thought this gonna be my car..but luck was not at my side as my dad took that car..and what he did was...he gave me a second-hand Datsun 120Y that he was using since he bought it 1 or 2 years ago.

So, i started to think about this DRIFT that i was not familiar at that time...since i was a freak in IT stuff like internet, so i went to search about that sport and learned about it. Almost every night i was dreaming about this sport that was like a dream sport for me. Then one day i found out that the only car that can Drift is all FR cars. What do i mean by FR is Front Mounted Engine Real Wheel Drive car...the engine is mounted at the front of the car and only the rear tyre spins when you press the fuel pedal because it is rear wheel drive. That was a big advantage for me as a sudden jump as i discovered that my car a.k.a the Datsun 120Y is the only car in my house to meet the car is a FR car..since the other two cars (Nissan Sunny 130Y and the Daihatsu Charade) is FF cars that is Front Mounted Engine Front Wheel Drive car...huhu..i was damn happy at that time since i can Drift when i up to the standard.

Since then the Datsun 120Y that was under-estimated by me turned to be a spectacular machine for me. I never forget to take care of the car until i came to "Uniten". It was damn hard for me to maintain it because of money problem that had to be spent on studies and unavailable time because of hectic time table for classes. Thats the story of how i got into knowing and being some kind of crazy of this sport...Now, my car drifts and skids on the road even when i don't really drift..haha..the car's light weight making it to drift whenever i enter a sharp corner in high speed and of course you must know how to control oversteer and understeer...

Anyway...for those my Uniten friends out there who is viewing this blog, i hope you all understand the story behind me that lead me into this DRIFT thing..haha..thanks for viewing anyway...