Sunday, August 15, 2010

8 is my lucky day

8/8/2010 (8th August 2010) was the day i finally graduated. Having to go through plenty of obstacles through my study life, i finally holding a degree, happy in one sense that i managed to win my dream, another side was happy to make my parent's dream come true. I was always hoping for that moment and it went through smoothly, thanks God for the blessings throughout my studies, i never would have succeeded so easily without your mighty help all along. Thanks friends for helping me when times i was down, now i'm back with a new life after graduating. Looking forward to achieve some good things while in my working life.

3 weeks already

It has been around 3 weeks already since i was with my ride, the old school Datsun 120Y. Sad to say, its going to leave me. The bad day happened on 30th July 2010 where i met with an accident. I was ok, but the damage left to my ride was enough to make it leave me. So sad, it has been years with you, you have helped me a lot. Thanks my ride, i will remember you forever.