Thursday, April 11, 2013

Upgrading to Windows 8

Hello everyone,

Recently I was wondering about Windows 8 upgrade because currently I am using Windows 7.
I am sure most of you wondering about compatibility issues that will rise if you choose to upgrade to this new version of Windows.

Well, no worries, the is a program called Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant that will assist to check your system on its compatibility with Windows 8 before or even without upgrading to Windows 8 yet.

I've tried it and found out some apps needs some fixing or updates if i choose to upgrade the Windows.
Below are the screenshots that will help you to see how this program works.

Download the program here:
Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant

1. After download, double click it and run the application.

2. Once it runs, it will scan and show how many devices / apps that is compatible and not compatible.

3. You can click at 'See compatibility details' to see which app / devices are not compatible or needs update to run on Windows 8.

4. You can close this window and if you click next, it will go to another page to suggest you which Windows 8 should you use with your preference of settings and files that you choose as below:

So you can choose to order straight or buy the Operating System yourself to upgrade your current Windows.
Hope this gives some information before you choose to upgrade to Windows 8 :)

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