Monday, May 6, 2013

GE13 swing

Its the 13th general elections as we all know in Malaysia.

Few of my opinions about it:

1. More seats won by the so called "Opposition" parties compared to the last 2008 elections.
2. Previous ruling government came into power again with slight margin.
3. People were not clear about the results as mainstream medias only showed results comprising one political party's victory on seats contested.
4. Results were too slow ( Not sure made up or really counting took time)
5. It looked like a major foul played when out of the sudden a political party was announced victorious with minimum majority number of seats reached suddenly after a blackout came back normal.
6. People looking at online results were not confident of sudden surge of seats obtained by the victorious party in certain states where the victory should be otherwise falling to the opponent party.

Whatever fouls or tricks being played, now every single citizen are smart and the whole world knows because the power of internet. People are no more depending on the mainstream medias controlled by the Government for information as it is too bias to one side. Things might happen or might not happen, lets just be calm and go with the flow for now.

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